Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Modify your payments

Edit Your Payment Type

The backend payment company, Stripe.com, had an issue with allowing subscribers to edit their payment types. 

After 3 months of them working on it  they have finally resolved it and added a feature to allow subscribers to modify payment types. 

You can now modify your payments of Bin Db Pro by going to


or clicking the "Edit your subscription Payment" button under your plan area.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Website Updates


  •  Added/embedded the YouTube channel to the login page so people can see what the website is about.

  • Added a "Cancel" button to the password reset page for easier navigation


  1. Fixed the url that was supposed to point back to the main page. It was point to something that was not there. 

Future Upgrade - Bulk Quantity Update


When speaking with a potential customer we learned that a bulk quantity update would be very useful. 

This would allow you to update the quantity of and item in a bin by a specific quantity. 

Examples for this use is you are selling something you get in on a pallet and you know the pallet has 100 items. You can add those 100 instead of scanning each one. 


  • Chose menu item "Bulk Quantity Update" under the "Items" menu
  • Choose your bin
  • Scan/Enter one of the items unique ID, such as barcode.
  • Enter price, and expiration date if needed.
  • Enter quantity
  • Add the entered quantity to any of the same items already in the bin